Committees For Physician Health Pravide A Variety of Help

This is a set of organizations you may or may not have heard about. All doctors should know about them, as they are a great service to physicians in many ways. They arose to deal with substance abuse problems, and may be the only group helping physicians with health problems. They work to help physicans heal in an organized way and get back onto a productive course. For this goal, they can interact with licensing boards, hospitals and other organizations to offer some buffer or protection. They are lifesavers in many situations and have some very productive and distinguished alumni.

These committees exist in every state, and some are connected to the state (e.g. Ca, NJ), and others are connected to the medical society (e.g. NY). They help with matters of substance abuse, alcoholism and personality disorders. Hopefully you will not have to fight these battles, but if necessary they can provide a known and established ally.

They can also help if there are issues secondary to physical illness that create personality or related issues, such as depression. The value is that this allows some guidance, experience and protection while these problems are corrected.

It is well worth pointing out that physicians can be surprised by illness. Then find a nomrally supportive professional environment stressed by changing times and becomes hostile. Physicians are notorious for not taking care of their own. And they valiantly try to soldier through problems that need clinical attention. Finally, physicians have a reputation of getting poor health care from the system, with spotty tesing and sketchy exams.

If you have malpractice or other clinical problems that produce credentialing challenges derived from health problems, they can be a respected outside third party to improve your situation. They can help offer and carry out a resolution plan. They can shift the discussion to health correction instead of punitive action.

Usually, these organizations will first require an indepenent clinical exam and testing. If they feel a physician qualifies, a several year contract is necessary involving a treatment plan for the medical problems. They will likely choose a clinical monitor for any clinical care issue identified. This removes worries on the part of professional or state groups about the resolution of health issues and the monitoring of quality of care matters that arose from them.

Also, support groups can provide important insights into one's challenges, the process, attorneys, and offer strategies to deal with them.

Early enlistment of this group's skills is best, because it can help avoid much more complex, hostile, and emotionally charged set of problems confronting you.